Gestalt therapist, trainer, doctor, teacher, supervisor, member of ARGI, EAGT, UKAGT, UKCP and head of educational programs.
Professional and personal crises
Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice
I also see people who experience blocked creativity, difficulties in implementing ideas and projects, relationship problems, or are living through grief
I support clients with issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, neurotic conditions, panic attacks, OCD, somatic symptoms
I work one-to-one or in a group, face-to-face or online, mostly within Gestalt therapy paradigm
Training in Gestalt Therapy
I also provide Training in Gestalt Therapy and Supervision
Supervision Training Programme Specialisations
I offer support to psychotherapists through careful reflection on work process
Registration is Open: Thematic Supervision Programme, starting on october 15th
The programme focuses on the specific experiences, risks and strategies for working with clients in different clinical situations.
Starting from this autumn, this project will take place online
14 sessions
Registration is Open
During the program, you'll delve into how our environment influences us and explore concepts like "Field Theory." We'll examine how our past impacts our present and strategies for navigating it. Discover how we sabotage our own goals and practical steps to overcome these obstacles. Learn to uncover our true desires and actualize them, alongside a wealth of other insights.
Initial Training Programme
for Gestalt Therapists started on 01/27/2023
I was very lucky with my professors and mentors. I was taught in Moscow, Italy and New York by wonderful therapists, to whom I am eternally grateful.

I continue to learn, in particular from colleagues I like, and am happy to share my experience and knowledge with clients, students and other therapists. The Initial Gestalt Therapy Training Programme is one of my important educational projects.
Time in Gestalt
Therapist Work
Time in Gestalt
Therapist Work
Time is like the air we breathe. We can ignore it, but as long as we live, we cannot avoid having a relationship with time.
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